At Parkscheibe we got a new disc design, and we love it a lot. We love it so much, we want to share the love and want everyone have one. In fact it's not just one design. There are as many designs as frisbee players in the world. And even more. Each disc is individual. You can add your name instead of writing it inside the disc. Also you can customize the QR Code to say whatever you like.

And one disc is only 10€. If you order 5 you get 10% off.

This is what you see if you scan the code. It can be a Website, your phone number or just random text. If you leave it empty it will link to the website of Parkscheibe (http://www.parkscheibe-ultimate.com). Use less then 140 characters. Even Donald Trump can do so. The text will be placed on the disc without further check. So please do not write something like "my facebook page". Unless that is what you want your disc to say.

You can add a short, human-readable text to your disc. It's a good idea to put your name or mail so that you do not need to write it under the disc. You can use a maximum of 45 characters. The remaining gap in the circle will be filled with our cheer - "Mooooore Fire"

You can order the same disc multiple times. If you would like to order different discs, please just fill out the form again.

Tell us how you would like to pick up your disc?! Are you coming to our training or a tournament? Do you want us to bring it with us to a particular tournament? We could also arrange for post delivery, but you would need to cover the charges in this case.

The discs are made from 100% recycable, biolocical plastic. Also they are "Made in Germany" which is a huge plus for you personal C02-Footprint